michael winkler

michael winkler

Michael Winkler was born in Zurich, of German nationality. He has been involved in a number of different rock bands, most notably with the classic rock band Eloiteron, with whom he recorded the 1981 album "Lost Paradise".

He studied classical guitar at the Music Academy and the College of Music in Zurich, as well as at Berne Conservatory. He graduated with the Teaching and Soloists Diploma. He pursued further training in a variety of international master classes, under the likes of Pepe Romero. During his studies he did other work like composing and arranging film music for synchronized AV slide shows and documentary films.

Michael Winkler’s true love is playing solo guitar. He brought out his first album in 1988 containing music by Dowland, Sor, Llobet, Rodrigo and Yocoh. Later on he also performed concerts under the title "A musical tour of the world", which reflected his fascination for travel, for foreign cultures and their music.

He has also made a name for himself as an interpreter of Bach. The CD "Michael Winkler plays J.S. Bach" appeared in 1996; he has devoted years to working on Bach’s music. He has also been composing his own music for amplified acoustic guitars for some time. He is planning to bring out a CD entitled "Michael Winkler plays Winkler". In addition to that, he also performs as a solo performer with an orchestra and as a chamber musician in various ensembles, accompanying flautists, oboists or singers, for example.

Michael Winkler
Herracherweg 30
CH-8610 Uster
Tel. +41 44 941 59 03
e-mail: mi.winkler@guitarquartet.ch